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I grew up in Portland, Oregon with my father Garry Cronk. I loved the outdoors and going to the Portland Zoo!! When I was 15 I moved to San Diago, Ca. I loved the beaches and Pacific and Ocean Beach area. With the roller coaster, the lights and all the people around, I started to learn card magic to perform on the boardwalk. After a few years in San Diago, I moved to Reno, Nevada to persueperforming magic. I ended up living in Reno, NV. for 6 years. I would perform magic tricks on the strip to touriests and worked in wireless sales. I have always loved magic and music! My first indroduction into the world of DJing was in a small record shop in Reno Nevada. I was invited to come to a small private party in the record shop due to my magic skills. Little did I know that I was about to meet Donald Gluad and John Digweed! I was changed forever but it would not dawn on me till a number of years later.

I moved to Montana on January 01, 2001 to Butte Montana. While living in Butte, Montana I went to school at Montana Tech for IT Networking, Web-Design and Web-Administration. Shortly after my wife and I moved to Missoula, Montana where I meet a Local DJ (DJ. Witty), who gratiously invited me into his life and the music scene. Within a year of meeting DJ Witty, I was well on my way to the creation of what is now "Montana Wedding DJ's". I found that I had a natural talent DJing, reading crouds and making people smile with music. After helping a local production company with a number of weddings I decided it was time to open the doors to Montana Wedding DJ's.

We are busier than ever and will contiune to bring lasting memorys to clients who hire us for their events, only becuse its what we love to do!


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